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Workshop Title: Last Scream of the Missing Values

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Facilitated by: Steve Clark
Principal of Performance Keys and alter-ego of the Corporate Bard 

When: Monday 20th June 2011, 4:15pm to 6:00pm

Where: Level 4, 41 Sherwood Rd, Toowong
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About this workshop:

Do values play in a real role in guiding company and social behaviour or are they just optional and flit in and out as/when needed?

From this workshop you will get fresh insights and walk away with new and creative ways to think about:

  • The difference between core (fundamental) values and specific core values and the role they play.
  • The impact of business values on personal values, and vice versa.
  • Conflicting values and how to manage and change them.

About Steve:

Steve ClarkAfter an extensive period as a Financial Controller and Company including 20 years living and working overseas in a diverse range of countries Steve returned to Australia in 2000 and wanted a sea and career change. That change led to a career in the coaching and professional development where he has been working on a full time basis since that time where he has successfully guided a large number of companies to improve holistic performance in areas such as Planning, Strategy, Staff Performance, Accountability & Culture. Being a Gemini, Steve has another guise as a Corporate Bard and information about that can be found at in addition to the coaching web site at


Thanks to Denise Dillon Bolland of Unlimited Creativity for facilitating a great session on Monday.

See other photos here.

The group showing off their results. Facilitator, Denise Dillon Bolland (standing 3rd from left).

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