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Workshop Title: Mind Gardening for Creativity, Happiness and Clarity

Facilitated by: Louise Healy from Mind Gardener

When: Monday 19 September 2011, 4:15pm to 6:00pm.

Where: Level 4, 41 Sherwood Rd, Toowong.
Easy parking at Toowong Village Shopping Centre
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About this workshop:

Everyone is a Mind Gardener.  Every day, every thought, every response changes your mind in some way.  A healthy mind, like a healthy garden, requires cultivation, pruning and nourishment.  The 100 billion neurons in your brain are just like branches reaching out and connecting with each other.  What do you do to cultivate useful neural connections in your mind?  How can we cultivate connections for creativity, happiness and success? How does the information age impact on our mind and our creativity?

Participants will leave the session with:

  • Knowledge from neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology fields about our minds and the way they develop.
  • Practical tools for cultivating the mind you want.
  • An understanding ways our thoughts and reactions can help or limit happiness, creativity and clarity.

About Louise Healy:

Louise Healy is passionate Mind Gardener.  She has been with the organisation since its inception.  She has post graduate qualifications in psychology and over 15 years experience in assisting individuals and organisations to cultivate the right conditions for success, adaptiveness and happiness.


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