The Imagination Club concept has its roots in Brussels, Belgium where Jeffrey Baumgartner and Andy Whittle run the Brussels Imagination Club. More info on them below.

In Australia the Imagination Club is operated by Stuart Ayling as an unincorporated not-for-profit organisation. Why did he start it? Well, after a few years receiving Jeffreys periodic newsletter on applied creativity, ideas and innovation in business (the newsletter is called Report 103) Stuart suddenly discovered the Brussels Imagination Club and thought the format would be interesting and fun to offer in Australia.

About Stuart

Stuart is a sales and marketing expert who focuses on sales improvement strategies for companies that sell services or technical products. He founded his business (Marketing Nous) in 1999 and now mainly runs tailored inhouse training programs for medium and larger sized businesses.

Stuart grew up in Sydney and after working for a few years – and having heaps of fun – in the Sydney CBD retail banking scene he realised his career was elsewhere! After finishing his Marketing Degree he eventually moved to Brisbane with his wife where sometime later, in the midst of a successful career in senior marketing management roles he jumped ship to start his own consultancy. 

Stuart’s work often takes him out of Brisbane to visit Sydney and Melbourne, and even occasionally overseas. He is always on the lookout for quirky or new ideas that can actually be used in business. 

Stuart enjoys living in Brisbane with his wife, son, two cats and two Budgies (there’s also a daughter who moved out and goes to uni).

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey is a sculptor by training and an entrepreneur by profession. Jeffrey Baumgartner is the founder of and the jpb group of companies.

Jeffrey has also published a book (in 2010) about launching innovation processes,  The Way of the Innovation Master

Jeffrey was raised in the USA and UK and has had an international career that has seen him living and working in Europe, North America and Asia. His business start-ups and acquisitions have included one of Thailand’s first web development and marketing companies, a business service centre, an international e-business consultancy in Brussels and the global idea management specialist company Bwiti, which markets Jenni idea management under the name.

Jeffrey conceived Jenni and has overseen the technical development (including much of the early programming) of the software as well as its international marketing. In addition, Jeffrey works closely with business partners and clients to ensure that every user of Jenni gets the optimal experience. He also ensures that every suggestion is seriously considered for future implementation in Jenni – and most suggestions are.

Jeffrey lives with his two sons and two cats in a small farming village in Belgium.

About Andy

Andy is mostly an IT consultant these days but is also a training and facilitation expert, with over fifteen years experience. He has worked with a variety of organisations including Toyota, the European Commission, Focus Belgium, EMD/GFI, NGOs, private clients and others.

Born and dragged up in the UK, but lived abroad since 1979 when he decided a bit of travelling would do him good. Andy has lived in several countries, but has hung his hat mostly in Belgium, where he will also be for the foreseeable future.

Fluent in French and English, he still struggles to master the Dutch tongue (but can make himself understood mostly).

He likes meeting new people and along with Jeffrey Baumgartner set up and runs the Brussels Imagination Club.

Andy lives with his wife and two children (one other one has left the nest) next to a small farming village in Belgium.