What is the Imagination Club?

The Imagination Club is a platform for creative workshops. The emphasis is on experimentation, creativity, innovation and life skills. It is a non-profit group with the goal of creating opportunities for people to think differently.

Tell me more…

There is no membership fee, and you don’t need to ‘join’. We only request a $10 contribution to attend. And we always love to see new people at our workshops. If you are a facilitator/trainer/coach or wish to become one, and are looking for somewhere to run through a technique or an idea, let us know, you could be running a workshop soon.

We always appreciate people helping out during the workshops. You can help by welcoming other guests, laying out the food and drinks, tidying up at the end. You don’t need to be asked, every little bit helps.

How does it work?

We meet regularly in Brisbane (and soon in Sydney) to hold our informal, mostly experimental bite-size workshops that are in some way related to creativity, innovation and life-skills.

Each workshop  begins with a drink, a nibble and a chat as people gradually arrive, this is followed by the workshop itself. If you want to carry on the conversations started before or during the workshops afterwards, that’s OK. Depending on numbers and whats happening we may end up having a drink at a nearby cafe/bar.

What are the workshops about?

The subject varies greatly, there is no recurring theme as such, but we do like them to be creative and thought provoking. Some of the workshops are beta-test workshops, in other words, the facilitator has developed a workshop idea and would like to try it out in a friendly, informal setting and get some feedback on how things could be done better or just differently. Others are completely experimental and some may be ordinary people with an interesting story to tell who want to improve their speaking or facilitation skills.

Each workshop is explained when it is listed on the Events page. You can sign up to receive an email update each month when we promote the workshop. Enter your email in the box on the left-side of the page.

Previously the Imagination Club has had workshops on laughter, musical ones, 6 thinking hats, sticky learning, the physiology of stress, to name but a few.

What will I get from a workshop?

Hard to answer. Depending on the workshop you may either learn new skills, discover useful ideas, meet new people, or just walk away thinking, “Wow, that was interesting”.

Why not come along, participate, and find out for yourself!

When are the workshops?

Imagination Club events take place in Brisbane on the third Monday of every month.

Check out the Events page for the latest info and news.

Is there a cost involved?

A contribution of $10 is requested to cover the drinks, snacks and presentation materials. If you are presently in a situation where you would love to attend but find the contribution difficult to manage (maybe you are between jobs or are a student), please come along anyway and we will waive the contribution.

Do I have to become a member or pay a subscription?

No, there is no membership and no subscription, you just pay on the night.

The Imagination Club Australia is entirely an informal, non-profit operation and is managed by Stuart Ayling with generous support from Trevor-Roberts Associates who let us use their premises at no cost.